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Dentigo: Portable Electric Toothbrush with Retractable Design

by | Dec 28, 2023 | Product Review, Technology

Introducing Dentigo, an electric toothbrush wielding a groundbreaking retractable head. A mere press of a button smoothly tucks the head into the handle, reducing its profile and length for effortless packing and seamless transportation, simplifying your travels without a worry. Dentigo sheds unnecessary weight by forgoing the cumbersome induction base and embracing a streamlined USB-C charging method. Another push activates the head’s vigorous pulses at an impressive 18,000 RPM frequency, effectively lifting more plaque and surface stains, and ensuring a brighter, cleaner smile. Dentigo is the quintessential travel companion, enhancing your on-the-go oral care routine wherever your journey leads.

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Enhanced Portability for Your Oral Care Must-Have!

No more fuss with a case—grab Dentigo and instantly upgrade your on-the-go oral care routine! Say goodbye to carrying bulky cases for your oral care needs—Dentigo makes it simple. This handy tool revolutionizes your oral care routine, fitting right into your pocket or bag without any hassle. It’s like having a personal dentist in the palm of your hand, making oral hygiene effortless wherever you are. Dentigo streamlines your routine, making it easy to keep your smile healthy without the fuss of carrying extra gear. With Dentigo, oral care becomes a breeze, ensuring you’re always ready to freshen up your smile, anytime and anywhere!

Experience Radiant Smiles On-the-Go

Dentigo is a compact travel companion designed to fit seamlessly into any bag or luggage without compromising its brush head’s integrity. Feel empowered and self-assured knowing that you can confidently share a gleaming, luminous smile wherever your ventures take you. Dentigo ensures your teeth remain dazzlingly bright throughout your journey, enhancing your confidence and leaving a lasting impression wherever you roam.

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Dentigo, Vforma, visionaryforma,

Pocket-Sized Dental Ease

The Dentigo toothbrush, with its lightweight and compact design when retracted, easily fits into your pocket with just one hand—ultimate convenience at your fingertips. Slide the Dentigo toothbrush with ease into your pocket; it’s so small and light, you can do it with just one hand. Having your toothbrush handy has never been this effortless.

Smart Cover for Dentigo Toothbrush: Clean and Convenien

A flip of the button extends or retracts Dentigo’s brush head effortlessly, safeguarding its bristles from potential encounters with dirt and germs, which can impact your oral health over time. Featuring an automatic cover with two panels, it opens and closes seamlessly as the brush head extends and retracts. This innovative design effectively shields the brush head from external pollutants such as dust and bacteria, ensuring utmost cleanliness.

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Unrivaled Durability: Lab-Tested Brush Head Retraction Over 3000 Times

Through extensive lab testing, our brush head has demonstrated an exceptional ability to retract over 3000 times. This remarkable durability ensures consistent and reliable performance, promising an enduring brushing experience that remains effective over an extended period.


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Invigorating Vibrations for an Effective Clean

Experience efficient cleaning with our toothbrush’s invigorating vibrations. Featuring a slimline brush housing a powerful sonic motor, delivering up to 18,000 RPM, it effectively removes up to 100% of plaques and stains. Enjoy a thorough clean along the gumline and between teeth, reducing gum bleeding and sensitivity for a truly deep clean.

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replaceable brush heads for sustainable oral care

Over a lifetime, an individual is estimated to discard around 300 toothbrushes, contributing to significant avoidable waste. Dentigo’s replaceable brush head mitigates 80% of plastic waste, offering a retractable and portable solution that reduces reliance on disposable single-use toothbrushes—making it an eco-conscious choice to carry everywhere.

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power up your smile

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Effortless Power: Dentigo's Rapid USB-C Charging and Long-lasting Battery

Dentigo swiftly charges in just 2 hours via its bottom-mounted USB-C port. Boasting an impressive 30-day battery life, it becomes your reliable travel companion, eliminating the need for constant charging during your journeys.

single button for simple use

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fully washable with ipx7 water resistance

Despite its sleek and minimalist appearance, Dentigo is engineered to endure the onslaught of shower water without any worries about water damage. Even though Dentigo looks simple, it’s built to handle shower water without getting damaged. You can use it in the shower without any concerns about it getting ruined by water. Its design might be clean and straightforward, but it’s tough enough to withstand water, ensuring it stays in great shape no matter where you use it. Dentigo’s minimalistic look doesn’t compromise its durability against water, making it a reliable choice even in wet environments like showers. You can trust its resilience, allowing you to brush worry-free.

what's in the package?

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