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Elfin Fountain: Pump-Free Water Source for Pets

by | Jan 15, 2024 | Product Review

Pump: Introducing the Elfin Fountain—a cutting-edge pet hydration solution designed by a team passionate about feline wellness. Featuring NatureFlow technology for effortless cleaning, MagDrive™ innovation for safety, and intelligent dispensing modes, this fountain prioritizes convenience and pet safety. With a smart filter system, non-toxic materials, and a whisper-soft sound level, it’s a holistic approach to hydration and care, seamlessly integrated into your daily routine.

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elfin fountain: why it stands out?

Hello! We’re the Elfin crew, a close-knit team of cat lovers with 2 to 10 years of spoiling our furry companions. Bound by our love for creating innovative products, we’re dedicated to enhancing your kitty’s world with more possibilities!

Elfin Fountain, Vforma, visionaryforma,
Elfin Fountain, Vforma, visionaryforma,
Elfin Fountain, Vforma, visionaryforma,

whisker whispers: the untold story

Over the years, we’ve trusted water bowls for our cats. However, stagnant water, whether in ceramic or stainless steel bowls, often falls short in appeal.

Today, countless caring pet owners, much like yourself, are turning to water fountains to ensure their cats stay hydrated. But have you noticed your furry friends losing interest in them over time? Ever wondered why? Let’s delve into this mystery together.

hidden facts about pumps

In every conventional water fountain, there’s a submerged pump integral to its design. This pump, housing an internal impeller, pulls water through a screen and propels it out through a nozzle, creating a continuous water cycle within its container. You might be acquainted with this mechanism, but here’s what you might encounter when disassembling it…

Have you encountered these scenarios before? Perhaps you’ve witnessed similar mishaps on social media platforms… While modern smart fountains indeed improve cat hydration compared to bowls, they come with increased maintenance needs and the potential risk of electrical leakage due to the submerged pump.

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Cleaning becomes a breeze

Save your love from being electrocuted

A new option for fountain maintenance

elfin fountain vs your fountain

Elfin Fountain, Vforma, visionaryforma,
Elfin Fountain, Vforma, visionaryforma,

your guide to filters & carekit

NatureFlow Hydration System

Elfin Fountain revolutionizes pet fountains through its innovative system – NatureFlow. Each component is easily detachable, allowing direct rinsing with water for effortless cleaning. Bid farewell to traditional motor pumps as Elfin Fountain utilizes MagDrive™ technology to distribute water, effectively isolating electronic components from the water source.

MagDrive™ Technology

Through the application of MagDrive™ technology, we’ve strategically relocated all electronic components outside the water tank while retaining them within the smart base. This transformation converts electronic power into magnetic force, propelling the impeller to draw and distribute water seamlessly.

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Real water-electricity separation

Maintaining all electronic components outside the water tank prolongs their lifespan and markedly enhances our cats’ safety while they drink from the Elfin Fountain. Additionally, we’ve simplified the design for effortless disassembly. In essence, there are only four components that necessitate cleaning: the water tank, the trays, the impeller, and the water conduit.

Dual water modes

The Elfin Fountain offers two dispensing modes: Timer Mode, designed to dispense water at intervals, alleviating worries about frequent refills, and Intelligent Mode. The latter releases water when a pet is in proximity and adjusts the flow to entice them back if they’ve been absent. In Timer Mode, water is dispensed for 20 seconds every 15 minutes.

Intelligent Mode

Intelligent Mode operates by automatically dispensing water upon detecting a pet nearby, utilizing the smart sensor technology.

Cordless design

No power outlet required. Simply position your Elfin Fountain in any preferred corner where your cat enjoys drinking.

Long-lasting battery

Say goodbye to concerns about water scarcity during power outages or while you’re away on a trip. A simple charge once every 30 days is all it takes to keep it running smoothly.

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Quiet operation

Operating at a whisper-soft sound level of only 35 dB, the Elfin Fountain guarantees a tranquil and uninterrupted ambiance in your home.

Elfin Fountain, Vforma, visionaryforma,
Elfin Fountain, Vforma, visionaryforma,

oh yes, we prioritize 'furry' health!

The Elfin Fountain boasts a fantastic filter that captures unwanted debris such as hair and particles, improving water taste and ensuring our furry companions’ happiness and health! Crafted from FDA and RoHS-certified materials, every component of the Elfin Fountain is 100% non-toxic, safe, and paw-friendly. Our Care Kit presents an economical and eco-conscious solution by allowing the replacement of the impeller and water conduit as necessary—a novel alternative to mere cleaning. The Elfin Fountain’s superior filter keeps water clean for your furry friends’ health and happiness. Made from FDA and RoHS-certified materials, every part is safe and paw-friendly. Our Care Kit offers an eco-friendly solution, replacing parts when needed for a healthier alternative to regular cleaning.

beyond the fountain, it's a modern lifestyle

The Elfin Fountain harmonizes practical design with user-friendly functionality, seamlessly integrating into your lifestyle while enhancing your pets’ wellness. It embodies a harmonious blend of aesthetics and care.

Beyond its sleek appearance, the clean design prioritizes effortless maintenance. This guarantees a hassle-free experience for both you and your pet, allowing enjoyment of its features without any inconvenience. Every facet of the Elfin Fountain is meticulously crafted for real-life usability, making it a pragmatic and seamless part of your everyday routine.

inside the box

Elfin Fountain, Vforma, visionaryforma,


Elfin Fountain, Vforma, visionaryforma,


Elfin Fountain, Vforma, visionaryforma,