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FlipBook CaseDesigned for iPad Keyboard Integration with Magic Keyboard

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Product Review

FlipBook Case Compatible with iPad Keyboard and Magic Keyboard A sleek bag for your iPad with Magic Keyboard and essential EDC gear. Uncomplicated and efficient. Unlock the bag swiftly with your Magic Keyboard.
Effortless folding when the bag is closed. Ample space for your daily essentials. Crafted from Carbitex OmniFlex® carbon fiber and premium leather. Secured with magnetic handles. Please note that the Magic Keyboard is not included with the FlipBook Case.

iPad Keyboard, Vforma, visionaryforma

Enhanced Protection iPad Keyboard

This streamlined iPad bag, equipped with magnetic handles, not only simplifies carrying the weighty Magic Keyboard but also provides an extra layer of protection – an additional safeguard for your valuable investment.

Magic Keyboard Protection PITAKA

Effortless Workstation Setup in Seconds Set up your workstation instantly, anytime, and anywhere with a single swift movement – just flip open the FlipBook Case! Quick Snap Closure Simply “snap shut” and pack up your iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard in an instant. A time-saving solution whether you’re at the office or on the move.

iPad bag Keyboard Travel Light

Bringing along your phone, keys, mouse, wallet, and more? No need for an extra backpack or satchel – simply stash them in the pocket of the FlipBook Case. This convenient pocket offers ample space for your everyday essentials.

iPad Keyboard, Vforma, visionaryforma
iPad Keyboard, Vforma, visionaryforma

Edge Finishing

Every edge is meticulously painted to ensure a comfortable and smooth feel to the touch. Each edge is carefully painted, guaranteeing a comfortable and smooth tactile experience. The meticulous attention to detail in the painting process adds to the overall quality and feel.

Precision Stitching

The case is adorned with straight and tidy stitches, adding to its overall neat and refined appearance. The case features straight and meticulous stitches, enhancing its overall neat and polished appearance. The attention to detail in the stitching contributes to a refined aesthetic.

iPad Keyboard, Vforma, visionaryforma
iPad Keyboard, Vforma, visionaryforma
iPad Keyboard, Vforma, visionaryforma

Contemporary Business Elegance

In addition to providing a stress-free solution for carrying and working with your devices, this distinctive iPad bag boasts a minimalistic and refined design. It seamlessly blends unconventional black carbon fiber and leather, complementing your professional style. The FlipBook Case embodies the stylish and sleek qualities synonymous with PITAKA brand products.

iPad Keyboard, Vforma, visionaryforma

FlipBook Case High-Quality Materials

Crafted from polyester, a durable and lightweight fiber, the sleeve not only presents a stylish appearance but also provides a comfortable texture. With wrinkle-resistant and shape-retaining features, your FlipBook Case maintains its decent look and feel over time.

Reusable & Residue-Free PU Gel Pads

Our commitment to quality extends to the smallest details. The robust and traceless PU gel pads we use are not only reusable up to 100 times but also maintain their effectiveness even after being washed up to 50 times. Once installed, these gel pads securely and seamlessly attach the bag and the Magic Keyboard, transforming them into a stable workstation. When it’s time to remove the keyboard, rest assured that these gel pads, capable of handling a 3kg pull-off force, won’t leave any marks or cause damage to your Magic Keyboard.

Accordion-Style Pocket

The accordion pocket is meticulously sewn using a special technique to prevent any bulging, resulting in a streamlined and polished finish. The accordion pocket is skillfully sewn using a unique technique to prevent any bulging, achieving a streamlined and polished finish. This meticulous approach adds to the overall refinement and functionality of the design.

Ferrari-Inspired Orange Accent

The combination of orange and black is visually appealing, reminiscent of the sophisticated style seen in a luxurious Ferrari. The visually appealing combination of orange and black evokes a sophisticated style reminiscent of luxury seen in a Ferrari.

iPad Keyboard, Vforma, visionaryforma
iPad Keyboard, Vforma, visionaryforma
iPad Keyboard, Vforma, visionaryforma

Dedicated Camera Pad

For iPad camera usage, simply flip open the camera pad, which securely attaches magnetically to the side. Close the pad to provide protection when the camera is not in use.

iPad Keyboard, Vforma, visionaryforma

Non-Slip Silicone Pad

Featuring obliquely raised lines, the silicone pad ensures stability on your desk, preventing the bag and its contents from slipping while you’re engrossed in typing.

iPad Keyboard, Vforma, visionaryforma

3D Touch Texture

Utilizing a durable carbon fiber textile, we employ a special weaving technique to craft a distinctive texture that offers a soft and pleasant feel to the touch.

iPad Keyboard, Vforma, visionaryforma

Included in the Package

– 1 x FlipBook Case for iPad (with Magic Keyboard)
– 1 x Document Kit


– Width: 302mm
– Length: 284mm
– Thickness: 28mm

– 380g

– Black: Leather & Carbitex OmniFlex® Carbon Fiber
– White: Leather & Polyester Fiber

– 7 days return policy

**Important Note:**
If any protective film on the product is removed, the warranty will be voided.
Please refer to our warranty page for more information.