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Konsivy Pro: 4K Breakthrough Multifunctional WIFI Telescope

by | Jan 30, 2024 | Product Review

KONSIVY is a revolutionary series of multifunctional WIFI telescopes that seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology with the art of observation and photography. With its 4K Breakthrough and the ability to view and shoot simultaneously, KONSIVY transforms how you capture moments. Boasting features like Multiple Resolutions, Slow Motion & Time Lapse, and a 10x optical zoom, this portable telescope ensures a versatile and crystal-clear imaging experience. With an intuitive interface, high-capacity rechargeable battery, HDMI interface, and built-in Wi-Fi module, KONSIVY offers a holistic solution for observation and photography enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in the future of exploration with KONSIVY.

Konsivy Pro, Vforma, visionaryforma,
Konsivy Pro, Vforma, visionaryforma,
Konsivy Pro, Vforma, visionaryforma,

more than a telescope

Simultaneous Viewing and Capturing with KONSIVY KONSIVY goes beyond traditional telescopes; it becomes your life documenter! This stands as KONSIVY’s greatest advantage. With KONSIVY, you can effortlessly capture moments while observing, ensuring that you don’t miss any of the beautiful scenes you encounter! Seamless Photo & Video Switching KONSIVY’s shooting function is both uncomplicated and user-friendly. It boasts dedicated buttons for capturing photos and recording videos, eliminating the need to memorize intricate switching procedures. These buttons are conveniently placed near your thumb, and designed with ergonomic considerations for ease of use.

Konsivy Pro, Vforma, visionaryforma,

Versatile Resolution Choices Struggling with image format and size issues? KONSIVY provides an ideal solution for you! KONSIVY presents three quality options for your pictures: UHD (4K), QHD (2K), and FHD (1080P). You have the flexibility to choose the quality that suits your requirements best!

Slow Motion & Time-Lapse Mastery

Beyond its telescope capabilities, KONSIVY excels in powerful shooting features. It incorporates slow-motion and time-lapse shooting functions, perfectly meeting your everyday photography requirements. With KONSIVY, consider it your exclusive panoramic recording assistant!

Zoom Capabilities of KONSIVY

KONSIVY showcases a 10x optical progressive continuous zoom combined with a 2.3x digital zoom, providing an impressive zoom range from 40mm to 920mm. This delivers a more expansive, comprehensive, and clearer viewing range.

Konsivy Pro, Vforma, visionaryforma,
Konsivy Pro, Vforma, visionaryforma,

Focusing Modes

1. Single Focus (SF): Tailored for observing objects and scenes at a distance of 30 meters or more. SF enables swift focusing without compromising clarity, making it perfect for capturing fast-moving subjects like birds, planes, sports events, artistic performances, and more.

2. Auto Focus (AF): Ideal for everyday life photography, this mode automatically focuses within the 0.5m to infinity range, providing versatility for a wide range of applications.

3. Manual Focus (MF): While the previous modes concentrate on the entire scene, MF allows for manual fine-tuning, emphasizing the characteristics and details of static subjects. This mode is valuable for achieving sharper images and highlighting more details of subjects such as animals in the forest, the moon and clouds in the sky, water birds on the water, marine life, and more.

1.04'' oled scereen

Innovative Display and Micro Eyepiece Integration in KONSIVY comes equipped with a 1.04″ OLED screen and a distinctive micro eyepiece. The circular display aligns better with the visual perception of the eyes, rendering it particularly suitable for your close-range observations.

Konsivy Pro, Vforma, visionaryforma,

diopter -600º~+600º

Versatile Diopter Range for Varied Visual Conditions Our portable telescope features an expansive diopter range spanning from -600º to +600º, making it an ideal choice for various visual conditions. Whether you are nearsighted or farsighted, this telescope can cater to your needs, ensuring a clear and comfortable observational experience.

High-Capacity Battery

KONSIVY’s Rechargeable High-Capacity BatteryFor added convenience, KONSIVY utilizes a high-capacity rechargeable battery. No need to replace batteries when depleted—simply recharge. With a continuous shooting duration of up to 5 hours, its compact body delivers a powerful performance.

charging while recording

Extended Shooting Assurance with KONSIVY

Concerned that 5 hours of continuous shooting might not suffice? No need to fret—KONSIVY has got you covered! You can charge and use it simultaneously, alleviating any concerns you may have.

Konsivy Pro, Vforma, visionaryforma,

Seamless Big Screen Viewing with KONSIVY

If you wish to view your captured footage on a larger screen and find the process of organizing material onto a USB drive troublesome, KONSIVY has once again provided a solution! With an HDMI interface, KONSIVY enables you to effortlessly view your footage on a large screen in one go. (Interface: HDMI / USB-C / TF Card)

compatible with stands and selfie sticks

Enhanced Versatility with KONSIVY’s Threaded Hole The bottom of KONSIVY is furnished with a threaded hole, allowing you to install a stand or selfie stick for added convenience in your other shooting endeavors.

KONSIVY pro web camera - monitorable

Unexpected Transformation! With the stand installed, KONSIVY morphs into a monitor. In the wild, you can effortlessly check the shooting situation from inside the tent.

A Pinnacle Feature of KONSIVY!

KONSIVY boasts a built-in Wi-Fi module, allowing you to connect to it through the mobile app. This facilitates operations such as previewing, capturing photos, photography, downloading, editing, and seamless sharing.

Konsivy Pro, Vforma, visionaryforma,
Konsivy Pro, Vforma, visionaryforma,


Konsivy Pro, Vforma, visionaryforma,

packing list

Konsivy Pro, Vforma, visionaryforma,