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Oralfly: The first high-speed toothpaste spray toothbrush

by | Feb 21, 2024 | Product Review

Oralfly: the pinnacle of oral care innovation. With its cutting-edge features like X-flow toothpaste technology, dual-nozzle design, and adjustable settings, Oralfly ensures a personalized and efficient brushing experience. Say goodbye to spills and incomplete cleaning; Oralfly’s water-driven rotor sensor technology and versatile modes guarantee thorough cleaning, while its compact design and extended battery life offer unmatched convenience. US FDA registration certification underscores our commitment to user safety. Join us in revolutionizing your oral care routine with Oralfly – where innovation meets excellence.

toothbrush, Vforma, visionaryforma
toothbrush, Vforma, visionaryforma

Oralfly: Revolutionizing Oral Care for Busy Lifestyles

Are you feeling the strain of balancing tight schedules with the upkeep of your oral health? Perhaps you’re not aware that issues like those mentioned stem from overlooking certain hidden areas of your mouth during oral care routines. Oralfly tackles your challenges in two crucial aspects: efficient time management and promoting dental well-being.

Oralfly’s X-flow toothpaste introduces a revolutionary departure from traditional toothpaste formulations, moving away from the typical liquid or gel consistency. It utilizes Gatling jet technology to swiftly release toothpaste in the form of cleansing particles into the oral cavity. This inventive approach, coupled with the toothbrush’s high-frequency vibrations, promotes thorough internal oral cleansing. Oralfly’s X-flow toothpaste revolutionizes oral care with Gatling jet technology, swiftly releasing cleansing particles for thorough oral cleansing with high-frequency vibrations.

Oralfly utilizes cutting-edge water-driven rotor sensor technology to provide a customized oral care experience, tailoring its design to individual oral care needs. As you brush, water propels the rotor into rotation. Embedded within the rotor is a highly responsive Hall sensor, constantly monitoring the speed in real time. Once it reaches a set speed threshold, the toothpaste dispensing mechanism is activated, directing the toothpaste into the mixing chamber. This guarantees an efficient oral cleaning outcome by seamlessly integrating water and toothpaste.

Oralfly: Personalize Your Oral Care Routine

In line with our commitment to cater to user preferences, we’ve integrated adjustable toothpaste release time settings and three distinct concentration levels. This groundbreaking design empowers users to personalize their oral care routine according to individual oral health needs, preferences, and daily schedules.

Through straightforward settings adjustments, users can easily fine-tune both toothpaste release time and concentration. This seamless customization ensures a personalized oral care experience, contributing to the enhancement of overall oral health. With simple settings adjustments, users can easily customize both toothpaste release time and concentration, ensuring a tailored oral care experience and promoting overall oral health enhancement.

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Toothbrush mess-free Oral Care Convenience at Your Fingertips

With Oralfly, there’s no need to spend time squeezing toothpaste or fret about messy situations with toothpaste spills.

dual nozzle design

Dive into the benefits of our Dual Nozzle Design, featuring V-shaped jet streams, enabling a thorough cleaning of challenging areas in the oral cavity. This design ensures a comprehensive cleaning of hard-to-reach spots while maintaining a consistent water pressure, leading to superior cleaning effectiveness.

In contrast to single-nozzle systems with a direct water stream, Oralfly’s V-shaped jet stream precisely targets a larger surface area on the inner walls of the mouth. At the same time, it delivers a gentle pulsating flow, guaranteeing a comfortable cleaning experience for the oral cavity.

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Bid farewell to concerns about oral blind spots! Say goodbye to the inconvenience of incomplete cleaning and the issues arising from plaque. Furthermore, the dual nozzles enable you to finish oral flossing in a swift 10 seconds, saving you time and effort.

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innovation mode selection

Discover the versatility of Oralfly with its three distinct modes: Brushing Mode, Flossing Mode, and the groundbreaking Fly Mode. Experience the seamless integration of brushing and rinsing your teeth with the Fly Mode, enhancing overall efficiency. The entire process can be timed and monitored through flashing LED indicators, streamlining your oral care routine into a comprehensive five-in-one solution that effectively doubles your cleaning time.

what else can oralfly bring you?

In addition to its distinctive X-flow technology and dual-nozzle design, Oralfly places considerable emphasis on addressing user needs in the external product design. This ensures that your oral care routine remains uncompromised, regardless of where life takes you.

Oralfly: Splash-Free Brushing Solution

Do you ever experience frustration when water splashes onto your wrist while brushing your teeth? Oralfly has tackled this issue by integrating a circular deflector, effectively preventing water flow problems and keeping your wrists tidy and clean.

ralfly's 90ml Toothpaste in Injectable and Disposable Options

In response to the varied needs of our users, we’ve crafted the 90ml toothpaste in two versions: Injectable and Disposable. Opt for the replaceable version when you’re on the go, carrying convenient toothpaste replacement packs that eliminate the need to clean the toothpaste reservoir. When at home, choose the refillable version to effortlessly fill the toothpaste reservoir, offering a 30-day supply with each refill. This dual-mode functionality ensures convenience, whether you’re traveling or using it in the comfort of your home.

toothbrush, Vforma, visionaryforma
toothbrush, Vforma, visionaryforma

Unique Toothpaste Design

In crafting our toothpaste, Oralfly prioritizes both portability and personal flavor preferences, acknowledging the diverse tastes of our users. Presently, we provide four unique flavors for users to choose from: Orange, Jasmine, Bamboo Charcoal, and Peppermint. Users can select their preferred flavor in our survey section after placing an order (at the project’s conclusion). Whether you choose disposable or refillable toothpaste, these flavors are accessible. Furthermore, we have plans to introduce additional flavor options in the future, so stay tuned for exciting choices.

We provide a 600ml inverted water tank, enabling you to complete the entire toothbrushing process without the need for a second refill. The inverted design also saves space for your convenience.

Worried about battery life when you’re on the go? Rest assured, we’ve equipped the device with a 4000mAh built-in battery and a wireless charging module, ensuring an impressive 20-day battery life.

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Throughout the entire product design process, we also addressed the concern of space occupancy. Upon comparing dimensions with traditional toothbrush cups, even in compact washbasins, there’s no need to worry about excessive bulkiness. We took an extra step by obtaining US FDA registration certification to guarantee user safety.

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toothbrush, Vforma, visionaryforma


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