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Apolosign PackGo: Portable 27″ Smart Screen for Your Briefcase

by | Dec 28, 2023 | Technology

the PackGo series—an innovation that redefines portable entertainment. With a sleek, briefcase-inspired design, these devices seamlessly blend style with functionality. Sporting a 27-inch smart screen, they offer a gateway to limitless entertainment possibilities, from immersive gaming to cinematic experiences. Boasting a customized Android interface and GMS certification, they promise seamless access to an array of apps and prompt security updates. Coupled with a robust battery, diverse connection interfaces, and a powerful speaker setup, PackGo ensures an unparalleled, on-the-go entertainment journey that transcends boundaries and liberates you from power constraints.

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pack go : pioneering advanced solutions in outdoor entertainment

PackGo: A Unique Briefcase-Style Design, Long-Lasting Battery, Custom Android Interface, and Endless Personalization Options Ensure an Unmatched Audio-Visual Experience.

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PackGo: Entertainment Anywhere, Anytime

PackGo: Effortlessly Transitions Between Indoor Comfort and Outdoor Adventures, Fulfilling Diverse Entertainment Needs – From Movie Nights and Music Enjoyment to Interactive Gaming and Social Media Exploration. PackGo smoothly shifts from indoor relaxation to outdoor excitement, making it perfect for all sorts of fun activities. Whether it’s watching movies, listening to music, playing games, or browsing social media, PackGo has you covered!

seamless portability instant enjoyment

Embodying Distinctive Style with a Unique Handle Design, our PackGo Briefcase Effortlessly Accompanies You Anywhere – from Outdoor Picnics to Gatherings or Travels. It’s a Statement Piece, Reflecting a Premium Lifestyle. Coupled with an Adjustable Screen, it Blends Seamlessly into Any Environment, Adding Vibrancy to Every Setting. Featuring a 27-inch Smart Screen, PackGo is Ready to Go Upon Unboxing. Its Intuitive Interface Offers Instant Entertainment Access Without Complex Setups or Delays.

Immersive Mode

Gaming Mode

speaker mode

tv mode

sophisticated and tailored Android system

PackGo Comes with a Highly Customized Android OS, Carefully Engineered for Smooth Performance and an Intuitive Interface Tailored to Different User Scenarios, Providing Strategic and Optimal Engagement.

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Wire-Free smart Screen Mirroring Function

With GMS certification, PackGo Seamlessly Integrates with Google Play, Elevating the App Experience. Access a Wide Range of Apps, Movies, Games, Music, and Social Content with Ease, Whether via Touch or Remote Control. Immerse Yourself in the Plethora of Options Right at Your Fingertips.

Regarding System Updates

Following GMS certification, our system facilitates seamless integration with Google’s security updates, guaranteeing timely access to the newest security features and enhancements. Additionally, we enable Over-The-Air (OTA) upgrades and UI enhancements, ensuring a continuous, enriched, and personalized user journey.

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sophisticated connectivity ecosystem

PackGo showcases a premium selection of connection interfaces, elegantly designed to accommodate a diverse range of entertainment devices.

Battery On/Off: This feature allows you to conserve power and extend battery life by turning off the battery when not using the device or during travel, ensuring optimal battery performance.

HDMI IN: Easily connect gaming consoles (e.g., PS5) or computers to utilize PackGo as a display and transmit high-quality visuals.

USB 3.0: Not just for data transfer via USB flash drives, this interface also enables connections with mobile phones for network connectivity, enhancing PackGo’s versatility.

DP IN: Connect entertainment devices like the Switch through the DP-IN interface. Enjoy gaming while benefiting from reverse charging (compatible with devices up to 15V), ensuring uninterrupted gaming outdoors without battery concerns.

Type-C: This interface serves for data transmission and connects to HDMI output through an expansion dock, offering expanded connectivity options.

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extended battery endurance boundless entertainment

PackGo comes equipped with a sturdy 6800mAh high-capacity battery, providing a seamless, uninterrupted wireless entertainment experience for up to 6 hours on a single charge. Whether you’re immersed in gaming during an outdoor camping excursion or enjoying open-air movies in your backyard, it liberates you from the limitations of power sources, transforming entertainment into an omnipresent experience.

captivating audio-visual experience

Featuring a quartet of speakers, PackGo provides an immersive audio experience with two high-frequency and two low-frequency speakers, delivering a combined power of 40W for crystal-clear sound. Ideal for diving into your favorite tunes or enhancing the ambiance at gatherings. With Bluetooth connectivity for speakers, it effortlessly transforms any outdoor occasion into an unforgettable concert-like experience.

what's in the box

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important specifications

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