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PenClab: The Revolutionary Window & Outdoor Air Conditioner Solution

by | May 23, 2024 | Product Design

PenClab is the powerful, portable solution to your cooling needs. With its 10,000 BTU capacity, rapid cooling, and versatile design, it’s perfect for any space. Enjoy clean, comfortable air indoors or outdoors, with easy installation and multiple control options. Say goodbye to the heat and hello to PenClab’s cool comfort, anytime, anywhere.

Your Ticket to Unrivaled Comfort

Experience Ultimate Comfort Anywhere with PenClab. Say goodbye to sweltering heat with this innovative air conditioning solution.

PenClab seamlessly merges window and outdoor cooling technologies, guaranteeing a refreshing breeze wherever you are. Whether relaxing indoors or exploring the great outdoors, PenClab ensures you stay cool and comfortable.

PenClab redefines portable comfort by integrating cutting-edge air conditioning technologies, providing a cool oasis whether you’re indoors or out, ensuring uninterrupted relaxation and enjoyment in any environment.

PenClab, Vforma, visionaryforma
PenClab, Vforma, visionaryforma

PenClab: Powerful Cooling for Every Space

With its impressive 10,000 BTU/H capacity, outdoor ac efficiently cools areas of up to 450 square feet, catering to various room sizes. Its temperature range from 17°C to 30°C ensures personalized comfort with just a few adjustments. Additionally, its versatile design facilitates easy installation in both vertical and horizontal window configurations, enhancing its adaptability to different spaces.

PenClab, Vforma, visionaryforma

With a powerful 10,000 BTU capacity, the PenClab efficiently cools rooms, tents, offices, or garages up to 450 square feet. It swiftly transforms any space into a cooler, more comfortable area in just 10 seconds. Ideal for beating the heat wherever you are, PenClab is perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings. Whether you’re working in a stuffy office or relaxing in a garage workshop, this air conditioner ensures that your environment remains pleasant and livable. Plus, its rapid cooling ability means you won’t have to wait long to enjoy the refreshing effects. PenClab is the quick, effective solution to all your cooling needs.

Stay Cool with PenClab: Beat the Heat!

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Your Perfect Temperature Partner!

Tailor your comfort with PenClab’s adjustable airflow, ranging from 17℃ to 30℃. Experience rapid relief from the heat as temperatures drop swiftly. With PenClab, you’re in charge of the coolness, ensuring every moment is perfectly chilled to your liking.

PenClab, Vforma, visionaryforma

Innovative Air Conditioner Technology

PenClab goes beyond ordinary air conditioners with its innovative Self-evaporating system. When you switch it on, this system activates a no-drain feature. As condensation accumulates, it encounters the radiator and swiftly vaporizes, eliminating the need for draining. Enjoy hassle-free operation with PenClab—no fuss, no mess!

PenClab, Vforma, visionaryforma

Small AC with Negative Ion Purification

Small AC doesn’t just cool your air—it purifies it too! Featuring a negative ion purification system, it effectively removes pollutants such as dust and allergens, creating a healthier and more comfortable environment for you.

Customizable Compressors for Any Window

Enjoy cool air quickly with Small AC, the AC unit that effortlessly fits into any window. Designed for easy installation in just a few simple steps, it requires no complicated tools or procedures.

Perfect for anyone seeking a straightforward solution to stay cool, Small AC is versatile enough to fit both vertical and horizontal windows. Beat the heat without any hassle with Small AC.

Vertical or horizontal, PenClab adapts to your needs with customizable compressors. With our easy-to-install window mount, PenClab fits seamlessly onto any window, providing flexible and convenient cooling solutions.

Portable Air Conditioner & Lightweight

Outdoor AC is your lightweight cooling buddy, weighing just 8.2 kg, and easier to move around than traditional fans.

Use it in your living room, bedroom, or even outdoors for effortless cooling wherever you need it. Its compact design allows you to use it in your living room, bedroom, or even outdoors, delivering effortless cooling wherever you need it. Enjoy portable comfort without the hassle of cumbersome equipment.

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Multiple Ways to Manage Your Comfort

PenClab offers multiple easy control options, including a mobile app, touch panel, and remote control. You can effortlessly adjust the settings to select the perfect cooling mode for your needs.

PenClab, Vforma, visionaryforma
PenClab, Vforma, visionaryforma

Sleep Peacefully in Cool Comfort

PenClab operates quietly at only 42 dB, ensuring it won’t disturb your sleep. Set a sleep timer to maintain the perfect temperature without worrying about it being too cold at night. It’s the ideal companion for a comfortable night’s rest.

IPX4 Waterproof

PenClab features IPX4 Waterproof materials, ensuring worry-free outdoor use even in rainy conditions. No matter the environment, PenClab remains a durable and reliable companion, delivering cool air whenever you need it.


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Why Choose PenClab

PenClab, Vforma, visionaryforma

Your Ultimate Comfort Companion

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PenClab, Vforma, visionaryforma