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SES NANO – Small Yet Powerful Electric Screwdriver Pen

by | May 6, 2024 | Product Design

We’re thrilled to collaborate with Kickstarter to introduce our newest creation, the SES NANO Mini Electric Screwdriver Pen developed by visionaryforma. This small yet potent tool combines impressive torque with a pen-like design, becoming a part of the renowned ARROWMAX SES screwdriver series, offering outstanding performance at a reasonable cost.

SES NANO, Vforma, visionaryforma
SES NANO, Vforma, visionaryforma

Versatile Twist for Everyday Tasks

With its strong twisting force and various twisting options, the SES NANO becomes a must-have companion in your everyday routine. Whether you’re fixing your phone, glasses, computer, or desk or putting together simple furniture, it easily adjusts to many situations, giving you the freedom to enjoy do-it-yourself projects. With its robust twisting force and versatile options, the SES NANO becomes an indispensable ally in your daily tasks, offering the freedom to tackle various DIY projects with ease.

Easy to Carry and Use

Made from a single piece of CNC aluminum alloy, the SES NANO is slim and easy to carry, weighing just 58 grams. Its practical design includes a universal TYPE-C charging port. Four shadowless LED lights on the chuck brighten the workspace, helping users see and concentrate on their work.

Crafted from a single block of CNC aluminum alloy, the SES NANO is lightweight and compact at only 58 grams, featuring a convenient TYPE-C charging port for universal compatibility. Its illuminated chuck with four shadowless LED lights enhances visibility, aiding users in focusing on their tasks effectively.

SES NANO, Vforma, visionaryforma
SES NANO, Vforma, visionaryforma

SES NANO Easy to Use

Operating the SES NANO is straightforward, with two buttons featuring up and down arrows that indicate how to tighten or loosen screws.

Operating the SES NANO is intuitive, with clearly labeled up and down arrow buttons for tightening or loosening screws effortlessly.

SES NANO, Vforma, visionaryforma

User-Friendly Display

The LED screen shows the battery status, charge level, selected mode, remaining battery life, and charging status clearly, making it convenient for users.

Charging with Type-C

Effortless Charging with Type-C
The Type-C charging port on the SES NANO’s body ensures seamless and convenient charging.

SES NANO, Vforma, visionaryforma

Meeting Your Power Needs

The SES NANO is designed with a strong output circuit board and a balanced torque-RPM motor. With an increased operating voltage, it provides a maximum torque of 5.0 kg cm at 250 RPM. Users can choose from five different torque modes based on their requirements. 

The SES NANO incorporates a robust output circuit board and a precisely balanced torque-RPM motor, delivering a substantial torque of 5.0 kg cm at 250 RPM thanks to an elevated operating voltage. It offers a selection of five torque modes, ensuring adaptability to diverse screwing tasks.

Smart Design for Better Performance

The SES NANO showcases an innovative blend of advanced engineering, combining an electric motor, a precise gearbox, and a batch rod locking mechanism into a single unit. This clever design merges these elements into a compact unit, enhancing efficiency and accuracy while reducing the overall size of the power unit.

SES NANO, Vforma, visionaryforma

60 Extended s2 steel tips for multi-purpose use

SES NANO, Vforma, visionaryforma

Extended Reach for Hard-to-Reach Areas

The SES NANO’s 58mm extension tip extends the reach to 74.5mm, allowing you to access screws deep within a hole or recessed area that may be difficult to reach otherwise.

Enhanced Efficiency with Magnetic Attachment

The magnetic bit attachment of the SES NANO screwdriver makes installation easier and reduces the risk of bits falling out while in use. This increases efficiency, offering a smooth and trouble-free experience that speeds up tasks and improves effectiveness.

Neat Tool Organization with Aluminum Storage

The CNC-machined aluminum storage box is an excellent way to keep small tools organized. Its compact design features three sides for storing tips and one side for the screwdriver. This sturdy enclosure keeps everything neatly stored, saving space and making tools easy to access.

SES NANO, Vforma, visionaryforma
SES NANO, Vforma, visionaryforma

Enhanced Performance with Built-in Magnetizer

The SES NANO case includes a magnetizer, allowing you to re-magnetize bits when needed if they lose their magnetic properties over time. This feature ensures that your tool always performs at its best, wherever you are.

User-Friendly Operation, Safe Storage

Operating the SES NANO is easy. Just gently press to release the stand for use, and press again to securely lock it in the durable aluminum case, preventing accidental dislodging.

The case has a window that lets you see the driver, ensuring it’s not left behind on the workbench.

Effortless Portability with Precision Design The square design of the NANO fits perfectly in your hand, making it easy to handle even with one hand. Its rounded corners offer stability when placed down, and its compact size allows it to slip easily into your pocket for convenience on the go.

SES NANO, Vforma, visionaryforma
SES NANO, Vforma, visionaryforma

Pocket-Sized with Custom Gesture Control

The SES NANO, sized like a pen, offers personalized control through various gestures based on your preferences. The SES NANO, pen-sized for convenience, provides customizable control through intuitive gestures tailored to your liking.

SES NANO, Vforma, visionaryforma

Versatile Operation Design

The SES NANO features patented technology that switches between automatic and manual modes. When the electric mode lacks torque, it automatically switches to manual mode.

This dual-mode functionality improves user experience and versatility. Both manual modes offer 30 kgf·cm of torque, while the electric mode allows you to tighten or loosen screws effortlessly by twisting for extra power.


SES NANO, Vforma, visionaryforma
SES NANO, Vforma, visionaryforma