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Unlocking Potential with the DrunkDeer G60 Gaming Keyboard

by | Jan 2, 2024 | Technology

what are we planning to make?

Keyboard: Our progress owes much to the unwavering support of our users. After actively gathering and assessing user feedback post-product launch, we meticulously collated all pain points and suggestions. These valuable insights were then directed to our R&D team for enhancements and upgrades. Today marks the culmination of this effort as we unveil the upgraded DrunkDeer G60 gaming keyboard, meticulously optimized for a superior experience.

rapid trigger-0.1mm adjustable precision

Enhancing key repetition speed to achieve instant one-to-one responsiveness while eliminating input delay.

The Rapid Trigger, an innovation within magnetic switch keyboards, introduces an advanced functionality. Through a specialized algorithm, this feature dynamically engages and disengages keys, adapting to the varying travel distance during a keypress. Unlike fixed actuation points, this dynamic adjustment ensures immediate key activation upon pressing and instant deactivation upon release. Its pivotal benefit lies in delivering a competitive edge in games demanding swift responses and rapid key presses.

adjustable action point (0.2-3.8mm)

Diverse Keypress Sensations at Your Fingertips. Departing from the rigidity of conventional keyboards, our innovation lies in the fully adaptable key travel magnetic axis, ensuring rapid responses and seamless key repetition. With the ability to flexibly adjust trigger key travel from 0.2 to 3.8mm, tailored to various scenarios, this technology introduces a spectrum of keypress sensations, elevating both gaming and typing encounters.

ultra-low latency (1ms response)

The G60 integrates our proprietary Hall effect chip alongside specially crafted integrated electronic components (IC). This fusion delivers key confirmation and PC input within an impressive range of 100 to 300μs, maintaining the keyboard’s multi-key input latency consistently at approximately 1 ms. 

Crafted Precision: The High-Precision Stabilizer

Enhancing Gaming Enjoyment through Ingeniously Engineered Interiors. The meticulous high-precision stabilizer design guarantees a quieter typing encounter on larger keys (like the space bar, shift, enter, and delete keys), eliminating unnecessary noise concerns. With a uniformly calibrated high-precision satellite axis, precise tolerance dimensions, and factory-applied lubrication treatment, each keypress ensures a noise-free experience without any wire-like sounds.

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Silicone Dampening Pad for Enhanced Protection

Our cushioned silicone e-dampening pad serves to bridge the gap between the PCB and positioning board. Beyond merely minimizing cavity noise for improved acoustics, this pad effectively seals internal crevices within the keyboard, acting as a barrier against dust, debris, and liquids. By doing so, it significantly prolongs the keyboard’s lifespan.

DrunkDeer G60, Vforma, visionaryforma,

Enhanced Bottom Foam for Reduced Friction

By employing sound-absorbing cotton to occupy the area between the PCB and the bottom cover, we achieve more than just noise absorption from key presses. This material not only diminishes the sound and resonance produced by keystrokes but also effectively mitigates the noise from stabilizers bottoming out. This strategic placement optimizes the keyboard’s acoustics while also offering a cushioning effect, absorbing shocks from key presses.

layout upgrade, 61-key layout frees up more space for your mouse

Streamlined Design for Enhanced Space By minimizing redundant keys, we’ve preserved the core keyboard area, significantly reducing space consumption and allowing for more room to maneuver the mouse during gaming. This optimization ensures smoother and more precise gaming actions. Additionally, the keyboard’s lighter weight makes it more portable and easier to carry around.

Revamped Key Switches for Enhanced Compatibility

In our latest iteration, we’ve made meticulous enhancements to the key axis height, resolving prior incompatibilities with Cherry keycaps. Notably, we’ve substantially narrowed the gap between keycaps and key switches, seamlessly integrating the two. This integration minimizes key wobbling, ensures even pressure distribution, and reduces gaming errors. Moreover, our updated key axis compatibility guarantees seamless integration with a wide array of market-available keycaps, including those from Cherry.

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Innovative Keyboard Stability with Bottom-Mounted Buffer

Integrating a bottom-mounted buffer device within the keyboard’s design, we’ve adopted a shell structure to emulate the damping effect akin to a gasket structure. This engineering marvel secures the G60’s internal structure against deformation, ensuring steadfast stability and precise performance. Simultaneously, this design upgrade enhances tactile feedback and acoustics, culminating in an elevated user experience.

Enhanced Gaming Ambiance with PBT Translucent Keycaps

Our PBT translucent keycaps, now paired with an expanded 18-color lighting system, promise an exhilarating gaming journey. Upgrading from 12 to 18 colors, this enhancement amplifies the gaming atmosphere. Through the DrunkDeer Antler software, users can craft their immersive underflow experience. The translucency of PBT keycaps brilliantly amplifies the keyboard’s lighting display, elevating the visual spectacle to new heights.

drunkdeer antler- software customizable keyboard configuration

In-House Web Driver for Universal Compatibility and Easy Configuration Our proprietary self-made web driver empowers users to effortlessly customize keyboard settings across various operating systems. Offering multi-platform compatibility, this driver eliminates the need for intricate downloads of multiple software for different platforms. Enjoy convenient and streamlined keyboard configuration without the hassle.

DrunkDeer G60, Vforma, visionaryforma,
DrunkDeer G60, Vforma, visionaryforma,

ensuring user experience with impeccable after-sales service

Every time we update, not only do new users get the good stuff, but we also take care of our existing users by giving them accessory packages. This way, everyone gets to enjoy the newest services we offer.

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