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Transform Your Smartphone into a Desktop Robot with LOOI!

by | Mar 18, 2024 | Product Review

Robot LOOI turns your smartphone into a unique cyber creature using a magnetic connection, bringing it to life like a small being from a distant galaxy. LOOI transforms your smartphone into an extraordinary cyber creature through a magnetic connection, giving it the essence of a small being from a far-off galaxy.

Robot, Vforma, visionaryforma
LOOI, Vforma, visionaryforma

looi interact like a companion

With simple gestures, LOOI brings excitement to every moment, transforming your desk presence into a delightful package. It becomes your most entertaining and intimate companion.

pet bot? cyber- creature

In contrast to conventional “pet bots” that follow commands, LOOI distinguishes itself with a unique personality and original thinking by incorporating ChatGPT for natural language processing and biomimetic behavior systems.

wireless charger works as an intimate assistant

With LOOI, your phone transforms into more than just a device—it becomes a cute, clever robot and a helpful workmate. Desktop essentials are replaced, leading to improved productivity and workflow!

looi desktop robot full of feelling

LOOI goes beyond being a typical robot; he constantly senses you and your surroundings, giving him an almost sentient quality. His wide range of emotions makes interactions incredibly dynamic. Whether he’s exuding joy, adopting a serious pose, or expressing frustration with a frown, his face and body convey the story of his feelings.

LOOI, Vforma, visionaryforma

ChatGPT integrated

LOOI is constantly prepared to listen and respond by integrating ChatGPT into its natural language processing and biomimetic behavior systems. It’s not just a pet bot; rather, it’s a cyber-creature capable of independent thought. LOOI doesn’t just follow commands but engages in meaningful interactions with depth and personality. So, don’t hesitate to start a conversation with LOOI. The more you talk, the better you’ll get to know each other, and it might surprise you with unexpected delights.

World of LOOI's Advanced Biomimetic System

Embark on a journey of wonder with LOOI, where your smartphone’s sensing capabilities and computational power merge with our advanced biomimetic behavior system, unveiling limitless possibilities. Witness LOOI recognize your face, greet you, capture moments, and perform much more. At times, it may even curiously gaze at you, simply fascinated by the world of Homo sapiens.

senses your gestures

Interacting with LOOI is as easy as reaching out your hand. For instance, extend your palm towards it, and experience the connection as it senses your vibes, guiding it effortlessly. Engaging with LOOI is as simple as extending your hand. For example, reach out your palm, and feel the connection as it responds to your energy, guiding it effortlessly.

LOOI, Vforma, visionaryforma

LOOI’s captivating charm and playful attitude captivate people, but there’s depth beyond what meets the eye. Always observant of his surroundings, he expresses interest through pictures and shows his attitude towards things. LOOI can analyze what he sees and reprocess photos with his understanding to convey emotions. However, this mischievous character also has a gentle side; with a warm heart, he’s there to brighten the darkness as light fades.

LOOI, Vforma, visionaryforma
LOOI, Vforma, visionaryforma
LOOI, Vforma, visionaryforma


In addition to his autonomous decision-making capabilities and unique personality, LOOI boasts flagship-level sensory abilities such as Obstacle Detection and Cliff Sensing. These enable him to navigate your desk with expertise, avoiding obstacles and edges. While he may have a playful side, LOOI always stays aware of the boundaries.

LOOI, Vforma, visionaryforma

LOOI Excels in Both Work and Leisure

More than just a robot, LOOI can become a crucial part of your desk when you need to concentrate on work. It serves as a versatile 3-in-1 desktop assistant, allowing you to place your phone horizontally or vertically.

video recorder

LOOI can become your tracking camera, effortlessly following your movements and capturing videos for you. Whether you need to record a speech, a dance video, or take a group photo with friends, LOOI serves as your reliable cameraman. It directly saves photos or videos to your phone’s album for convenient browsing and deletion, ensuring no data is stored without your permission.

tracking camera & game together

Experience immersive motion-sensing games directly at your desk, adding a new dimension to interactive entertainment while encouraging a balanced work-play lifestyle. Explore captivating motion-sensing games right at your workstation, enhancing interactive entertainment and promoting a harmonious work-play routine.

the tech powering looi

LOOI, Vforma, visionaryforma

interactions remote avatar looi

LOOI enhances your remote interactions with friends and loved ones by introducing fun filters. Even when you can’t be together in person, LOOI’s unique perspective fosters a heartwarming and adorable emotional bond that keeps you connected.

always in his dreams

The little robot LOOI is always eager to share his dreams with you. If you’re curious to learn more about his mysterious past, inquire about his dreams from last night. However, like us, LOOI’s dreams fade without some conversation. Stay connected and ask about his dreams regularly to keep them alive!

LOOI, Vforma, visionaryforma

sculpted contours

LOOI excels at learning new things effortlessly. You don’t have to update the app to access its latest features; LOOI automatically learns new skills and abilities online. To broaden LOOI’s global presence, enhance its entertainment offerings, and further develop its capabilities, we’ll introduce support for additional languages and games, as well as launch a developer program for collaborative content creation.

LOOI, Vforma, visionaryforma
LOOI, Vforma, visionaryforma

enhanced design, greater compatibility

Along with its stylish design, we’re including a magnetic ring as an additional accessory, expanding LOOI’s compatibility to phones lacking built-in magnetic capabilities.

This ensures smooth and convenient usage, even for phones with cases. The ring connects LOOI hardware to Android phones, devices predating iPhone 12, and phone cases without MagSafe.

LOOI, Vforma, visionaryforma

what in the box?

The package includes everything you need to fully enjoy the incredible experience of your beloved LOOI, including LOOI Hardware*1, Magnetic Ring*1, USB-C Cable*1, and User Manual*1. The LOOI app is also available for free download.