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Powerful Compact: Versatile Rechargeable Vacuum Sealer Machine

by | May 13, 2024 | Product Design

Vacuum Sealer: Introducing Vac SealPro, Your Compact, Powerful Solution Meet Vac SealPro, your versatile companion for food preservation and more. With its compact design, fast Type-C charging, and magnetic bottom for fridge attachment, Vac SealPro simplifies your daily tasks with ease and precision.

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If you’re still using a traditional vacuum sealer for your food, you might have faced these typical problems: It’s bulky and, takes up too much storage space. Heavyweight, making it hard to move around easily. Noisy operation, disrupting the peace with loud sounds. Limited functionality, limiting its usefulness in different situations.

Vacuum Sealer, Vforma, visionaryforma

Lightweight, Compact, and Versatile Vacuum Sealer Machine

The Vac SealPro is incredibly lightweight at only 7.65 ounces and compact, measuring just 3.93 x 2.36 x 1.96 inches. This size is about one-tenth of traditional vacuum sealers, making it easy to store and convenient for both indoor and outdoor use. Despite its small size, it packs a powerful punch in functionality.

You don’t need special bags for vacuum sealing; just press a button, and its strong suction can preserve various foods. It can also inflate and pump items like basketballs and balloons. Moreover, it features a built-in cutter for easy packaging. With its versatility, the Vac SealPro proves handy in many situations.

Vacuum Sealer, Vforma, visionaryforma

Vacuum Sealer Machine Removing 99.9% of Air

The VacSeal mode combines vacuuming and sealing functions. When activated, it quickly removes air from the vacuum bag and seals it securely. This reduces oxygen in the bag, slowing down the oxidizing reaction between food and oxygen. As a result, it extends the food’s storage time by 5 to 8 times.

Hypoxic Vacuum: Extending Food Shelf Life By inhibiting the growth of aerobic microorganisms and slowing down food spoilage, the hypoxic vacuum mode helps prolong the shelf life of food.

Incredible Suction Power

Despite its compact size, the Vac SealPro boasts impressive suction power. Some might question its strength due to its small size but worry not. The Vac SealPro delivers a suction power of -66Kpa, effectively removing air from vacuum bags. You can also manually adjust the vacuum level for softer foods.

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Vacuum-Packing Moist Foods

The Vac SealPro can effectively vacuum-pack even moist foods like aquatic products and juicy meats. To do so, it’s important to attach a drain hose to the Vac SealPro beforehand. This setup ensures that as the vacuum removes air from the bag, any excess liquid such as water or broth will be safely discharged through the drain hose.

Easy Cleaning and Versatile Sealing with Vac SealPro

After vacuum packaging, you can disconnect the drain hose from the Vac SealPro and simply wipe the catch basin with a paper towel to clean it. The Vac SealPro can vacuum-seal both dry foods and those with a small amount of moisture, effectively preserving them.

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FreshLock Mode for Food Preservation

The FreshLock mode is perfect for preserving foods like nuts, chips, cookies, and similar items. If left unsealed, these foods can quickly lose their crispness and original flavor if not consumed immediately. For example, if you have leftover potato chips, sealing them with the Vac SealPro can help preserve their flavor for the next time you enjoy them.

Besides sealing foods like chips, the Vac SealPro can also seal liquids such as water, honey, soup, and more. It’s a great choice for sealing a few bags of your favorite liquid items when heading out for a picnic, ensuring freshness and convenience.

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Simple Controls, Multiple Modes

The Vac SealPro is designed with simplicity in mind, featuring only three buttons yet offering multiple modes. You can effortlessly choose the right mode for your task using the digital display. When sealing or vacuum-sealing, the display shows the seconds of work in progress, allowing you to monitor the process with ease.

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Efficient Bag Openers for Quick Access

The Vac SealPro includes a hidden small cutter to help you create pouches from the roll and open sealed pouches effortlessly. This feature allows you to customize the seal roll into pouches and cut open sealed pouches with ease. Whether you’re camping, hosting a potluck, or using it at home, the Vac SealPro’s convenient features will be incredibly useful.

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Inflation and Suction Functionality

In daily life, we often face various tasks requiring inflation and deflation. For example, inflating balloons for celebrations, vacuum-sealing food bags, compressing clothes in storage bags, and inflating sports equipment like basketballs or swimming rings. Using a manual pump for these tasks can be tiring and time-consuming. With the Vac SealPro’s inflation and suction function, you can effortlessly inflate and deflate items with ease.

Effortless Inflation

Simply attach the needle to the drain hose and activate the external pumping function to inflate basketballs, balloons, swimming rings, and other inflatable items with ease. No more feeling tired or flushed from manual inflation—Vac SealPro takes care of your inflation needs effortlessly.

Air Extraction Functionality

The Vac SealPro’s external extraction feature is versatile, removing air from storage bags or compression bags to save space and preserve freshness. It’s handy for organizing clothes and long-term food storage, and can also remove wine corks and vacuum jars.

Convenient Phone Stand

The Vac SealPro includes a phone stand feature, perfect for supporting your phone while watching videos or having video conversations. This stand provides a comfortable viewing angle, making it easy to enjoy videos while cooking or chatting with friends and family.

Convenient Magnetic Bottom

The Vac SealPro’s compact size and lightweight design make it easy to store on a table or hang on a hook in your kitchen. For added convenience, it also features a strong magnet on the bottom, allowing you to attach it easily to the refrigerator. This additional feature enhances user convenience in terms of both usage and storage.

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Quiet Operation

Unlike traditional vacuum sealers that can be noisy during operation, the Vac SealPro is designed to operate quietly. This silent design allows you to complete your vacuum packaging tasks without the annoyance of loud noise, making the process more enjoyable and hassle-free.

Fast Charging with Type-C Cable

The Vac SealPro comes equipped with a rechargeable battery boasting a capacity of 600mAh*2. When the battery needs charging, simply use the Type-C charging cable for fast and convenient recharging.

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