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Zeus-X Go Ultra : Fastest 6-IN-1 Keychain Cable

by | Jan 3, 2024 | Technology

Cable: Zeus-X Go and Zeus-X Go Ultra: two groundbreaking universal cables redefining connectivity. Zeus-X Go offers 240W power delivery and USB 3.0, while Zeus-X Go Ultra takes it further with USB 3.1 Gen 2, hitting speeds of 10Gbps. From a compact 5cm keychain to a lengthy 3m cable, these options cater to diverse needs. Professionals benefit from Zeus-X Go Ultra’s boosted data transfer and monitor extension capabilities. With style options like Spectre Black, Hazard Orange, Mecha White, and Apex Silver, these cables redefine charging as a blend of durability, efficiency, and personalized aesthetics.

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Constantly Searching for the Perfect Cable?

Understanding the frustration of hunting down the correct cable or realizing you’ve packed the wrong one is more than just a small inconvenience. It can result in missed chances, postponed tasks, and dwindling battery life at the most critical moments. In our interconnected realm, these seemingly minor inconveniences wield significant influence. Don’t allow a mere cable mismatch to derail your day.

A Single Cable for All Your Gadgets

 Zeus-X Go Ultra – Your complete answer to all cable woes! Bid farewell to sluggish charging, incorrect connectors, or cable tangles.

From USB-C for MacBooks to Lightning for iPhones and Micro-USB for Kindles, Zeus-X Go covers them all.

This exclusive 6-in-1 keychain cable combines lightning-fast charging and rapid data transfer within a slim, portable design. Perfect for daily commutes, business travels, or decluttering your workspace, it’s a genuine revolutionary addition.

the only cable you'll ever need

Witness the Cable Evolution! Zeus-X Go available in Spectre Black, Hazard Orange, and Mecha White – striking aesthetics tailored to match your unique style.

Picture this: powering all your devices using just one cable. No more juggling multiple cables or fretting about misplaced adapters. Say goodbye to tangled cords, vanishing adapters, or cumbersome cable organizers.

Our 6-in-1 charging cable is the ideal fix for anyone seeking a versatile and effortless charging solution.

Zeus-X Go Ultra, Vforma, visionaryforma,

Uncover Why We're the Unmatched Leaders in Universal Cables

Numerous universal keychain cables often neglect the essential element of ergonomic design, resulting in various issues: Bulky adapters that hinder your grip or block the charging port, along with unreliable 2-in-1 Lightning/Micro Adapters that are prone to loosening or causing damage to your charging port.

patent- pending adapter mechanism

Our adapter mechanism is a testament to meticulous engineering, prioritizing usability and ergonomics, resulting in a groundbreaking innovation. 180° Swivel Mechanism – Our adapter swings down completely, eliminating interference during USB-C charging and seamlessly fitting into most charging ports. 360° Rotation – Transition between Lightning and Micro-USB effortlessly with sturdy, dependable connectors that offer easy handling and a secure grip.

The Authentic 6-in-1 Universal Cable!

Effortless Locking Mechanism – Concerned about loose adapters during storage? Our mechanism is meticulously crafted to offer ample friction, securing the adapter at 180°. Unlocking is a breeze – just give it a gentle tug. Straightforward and efficient!

Thanks to our patent-pending design, you can seamlessly switch between various adapters sans the need for multiple cables.

Zeus-X Go Ultra, Vforma, visionaryforma,

Why purchase six when one suffices?

Most cables lack warranties, leaving you at a loss if they malfunction or break. However, with Zeus-X Go, enjoy our 24-month hassle-free warranty. We’re not only streamlining your tech usage but also providing the peace of mind you deserve. Opt for Zeus-X Go and secure your connectivity for the long haul! So, why get six when one does it all? Simplify your life and save with Zeus-X Go. Note: Each added upgrade applies to a single cable. Thus, if you choose one upgrade as an add-on, only one of your cables will be enhanced accordingly.

Zeus-X Go Ultra, Vforma, visionaryforma,
Zeus-X Go Ultra, Vforma, visionaryforma,


Zeus-X Go stands as the world’s pioneer in universal cables, delivering 240W power delivery alongside USB 3.0 support. Contrarily, another universal cable in the market offers just 4-in-1 functionality and supports a maximum of 100W with USB 2.0. Our patented connector mechanism ensures a secure and steadfast connection, while the zinc alloy shell guarantees exceptional durability. Choosing between Zeus-X Go and Zeus-X Go Ultra depends on your tech needs and lifestyle. Zeus-X Go, with USB 3.0 and 240W power delivery, caters to everyday users. Ideal for swift charging and seamless data transfers, it’s perfect for tasks like phone backups or swiftly transferring photos and regular files at speeds up to 5Gbps (20 times faster than USB 2.0). Meanwhile, Zeus-X Go Ultra, boasting USB 3.1 Gen 2, not only offers robust charging capabilities but also elevates data transfer speeds to 10Gbps (40 times faster than USB 2.0). This makes it indispensable for tech enthusiasts, photographers, videographers, and anyone dealing with large file transfers or utilizing screen mirroring on a portable USB-C monitor. It’s akin to upgrading from a swift car to a supercar: both get you to your destination, but one gets you there faster and with more exhilaration.

game-changing 240w power delivery

Fed up with lengthy charging times for your devices? Our 6-in-1 charging cable harnesses groundbreaking 240W power delivery technology, slashing charging durations by up to 50%. Now, swiftly energize your devices and swiftly return to your tasks. Feel the difference with our revolutionary 6-in-1 charging cable! Using cutting-edge 240W power delivery, it reduces charging times by half, letting you power up quickly and get back to work in no time. No more waiting around for devices to charge—this cable gets things done fast!

Zeus-X Go Ultra, Vforma, visionaryforma,

the future is closer than you think

The charging landscape holds immense promise with recent strides highlighting the potential for ultra-rapid speeds. With 240W charging, imagine a phone reaching from 0 to 100% in just 8 minutes. Envision a world where mere minutes suffice to energize your devices, ensuring efficiency and convenience. As technology advances, we foresee even more significant leaps in charging, establishing rapid charging as the standard. Stay ahead of the curve by embracing Zeus-X Go, the world’s fastest multicable, and future-proof your setup today.

Zeus-X Go Ultra, Vforma, visionaryforma,

fast charge any USB devices

Exhausted from the hunt for fast-charging cables? Bid them farewell. Zeus-X Go is engineered to facilitate rapid charging for nearly every USB device! 30W Apple Fast Charging
Samsung Ultra Fast Charge
QC 3.0, 4.0+, PPS, FCP, and beyond

Zeus-X Go Ultra, Vforma, visionaryforma,
Zeus-X Go Ultra, Vforma, visionaryforma,

world's first USB 3.2 universal cable

Fed up with enduring lengthy file transfers? Embrace the future of data exchange with our USB 3.1 technology, boasting an unmatched speed of 10GBPS! With Zeus-X Go Ultra, watch 4K videos and hefty files zip across in an instant. Our revolutionary cable caters to tech enthusiasts seeking top-notch performance, enabling swift SSD transfers and robust data backups. Say goodbye to sluggish USB 2.0 transfers. With Zeus-X Go Ultra, we’re not just accelerating the process – we’re redefining the cable’s capabilities. Step into the future of connectivity! ⚡ Tired of waiting for files to move at a snail’s pace? Say hello to our USB 3.1 technology, zooming at an unmatched 10GBPS speed! With Zeus-X Go Ultra, even big 4K videos and hefty files dash across in a blink.

This groundbreaking cable is for tech lovers who crave top-notch performance, making SSD transfers lightning-fast and data backups strong. No more sluggish USB 2.0 transfers – Zeus-X Go Ultra isn’t just speeding things up, it’s changing what cables can do. Join us in the future of connections! ⚡

Transfer 4K videos within seconds using USB 3.1 - bid farewell to USB 2.0!

With Zeus-X Go Ultra, indulge in the unmatched speed of USB 3.1, and you’ll never look back at USB 2.0. It’s like trading a bicycle for a sports car. Once you’ve savored the thrill and efficiency of the superior model, the older mode of transport seems obsolete. Likewise, after experiencing the lightning-fast transfer speeds of USB 3.1, reverting to USB 2.0 feels like reverting to cycling. Trust us, once you’ve upgraded, there’s no turning back! ⚡✨

USB-C DP alt mode

Enhance your viewing with Zeus-X Go Ultra’s DP Alt Mode capability. This robust feature allows mirroring your device onto USB-C external displays, delivering vivid, high-resolution visuals at up to 4K 60Hz.

Work Smarter: Amplify productivity by extending your screen for multitasking. Edit videos, craft graphics, analyze data, and tackle complex tasks seamlessly on an expanded canvas.

Transform your gaming and entertainment experiences with Zeus-X Go Ultra Multicable. Immerse yourself in ultra-smooth 4K 60fps gaming, lag-free performance, and lifelike visuals. Effortlessly connect your gaming console, high-res monitor, or home theater system and prepare for a captivating experience.

Experience the future today with Zeus-X Go Ultra – more than a mere cable, it’s a portal to elevated connectivity.

? Compatibility with Android Auto & Apple Carplay?

Enhance your driving experience with the Zeus-X Go 6-in-1 charging cable. Compatible with both Android Auto and Apple Carplay, this cable provides seamless access to your favorite apps, playlists, and navigation systems. Say farewell to the hassle of managing multiple cables and adapters. ??️ Drive Safely, Stay Connected: Whether you’re navigating bustling city streets or enjoying a leisurely countryside drive, Zeus-X Go allows hands-free control of your device, prioritizing your safety while keeping you entertained and informed. ??Robust & Dependable: Even on the roughest rides, Zeus-X Go stands strong. Its secure and durable connectors ensure stable connectivity, eliminating worries about disconnections. It’s the perfect companion for your road trips. ?️?️

? PowerShare: Your Lifesaver for Emergency Power

Ever been caught in a tight spot with a dying device and no power outlet nearby? Say goodbye to those concerns with Zeus-X Go’s PowerShare feature. Now you can top up your friend’s smartphone battery using yours or charge your wireless earbuds from your iPad during a lengthy flight. Zeus-X Go puts the power right in your hands – quite literally. ??

Zeus-X Go Ultra, Vforma, visionaryforma,

E-Mark Smart Chip: Secure, Swift Charging

The Zeus-X Go is powered by the E-Mark smart chip, a groundbreaking technology guaranteeing safe, efficient, and remarkably swift charging for your devices. This sophisticated chip optimizes power distribution, precisely adapting the current to suit your device’s unique needs. Consequently, your device not only charges rapidly but also remains shielded against potential overcharging or overheating. ?️With the E-Mark Smart Chip, revel in the benefits of fast charging, assured that your devices are safeguarded. Embrace a new level of secure and efficient charging with Zeus-X Go!

Zeus-X Go Ultra, Vforma, visionaryforma,

?️ Built for Endurance - Zinc Alloy Construction

We understand the frustration when cables fail at the most inconvenient moments. That’s precisely why Zeus-X Go Ultra is engineered for maximum durability, built to endure your daily wear and tear. ?️ Sturdy and Resilient: Encased in a resilient zinc alloy body, Zeus-X Go surpasses the common aluminum alloy found in most cables. This superior material withstands bending and deformation even under intense pressure or after accidental drops. It’s crafted to serve you longer, retaining its shape and integrity through every use. Engineered for resilience – it’s robust enough to withstand a car rollover!?️ Say Farewell to Tangles: Our unique anti-tangle design ensures the cable remains free from irritating knots and messy tangles. No more wasting time untangling cables; with Zeus-X Go, it’s all about smooth, hassle-free charging.

stunning colour combination

Spectre Black: A luxurious fusion of black and gold stripes, embodying timeless elegance. Ideal for those who admire classic style with a contemporary twist.

Hazard Orange: An invigorating, vibrant orange reflecting adventure and boldness. Perfect for trendsetters unafraid to make a statement.

Mecha White: A sleek and futuristic white exuding modernity. Ideal for minimalists who value clean aesthetics and cutting-edge technology.

Apex Silver: A refined silver emitting an air of modern luxury. Suited for professionals seeking a fusion of style and functionality.

Select your preferred color and embrace Zeus-X Go Ultra which perfectly complements your style, tech setup, and lifestyle. Unleash the potential of personalized charging today!
Crafted for performance, designed for distinction, and treated as an artistic creation – we’ve transformed the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Choose the color that matches your style and make Zeus-X Go Ultra an extension of your personality, tech setup, and daily life. Experience personalized charging that suits you best!

Zeus-X Go Ultra, Vforma, visionaryforma,
Zeus-X Go Ultra, Vforma, visionaryforma,

length option

Recognizing that everyone’s needs vary, Zeus-X Go is offered in diverse lengths – from a convenient 5cm keychain to an extensive 3m cable. For professionals, Zeus-X Go Ultra delivers upgraded data transfer speeds and the ability to extend monitors.